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Here Are The English Names Of 16 Things Most Of Us Only Know By Their Hindi Names

Queen, the 2013 blockbuster starring Kangana Ranaut, is one of the movies that lingered in my mind for a long time. And if I had to choose one scene from all the brilliant sequences that the movie offered, I’d say it was this –

Rani : ‘Mummy, heeng ko English me kya kehte hain?’

Her mother : ‘… heeng ko English me heeng hi kehte hain, beta!’

I’m sure you’ll agree that at some point of time or other, we all have had some challenging language translation moments in our lives. Although Google Translate is just a click away, we often tend to forget that those words are actually not untranslatable. However, when it comes to explaining the oh-so-common Indian spices, fruits and vegetables in English, the situation often becomes embarrassing. Here are some common food-related terms that you probably know by their Hindi names only:

No more ‘carom seeds kya hoti hain?’ moments while watching a cooking show. No more!

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