Nightmares can be bad. Sometimes, it wakes you up at 4:06 AM. You’re sitting up straight and your hands move around your sweaty forehead. Sometimes, you have been pulled so far into this cesspool of horror that you struggle to tap your fingers on the surface of a nearby table because you feel good clinging to familiar objects; things that never change. And after worst nightmares, you struggle to feel the ground beneath your feet.

The worst nightmares feel like a dementor’s kiss – You have stepped into a land where there aren’t any happy landmarks.

Kangana’s current interviews make me feel that she has experienced this nightmare when it comes to her past relationships. That normalcy refuses to be her friend, forget about being her BFF.

And in a profession that continuously scrutinizes your life, fashion, and makeup, this is a grave problem. 

Kangana’s maverick coping mechanism has left Bollywood “OMG, what did she just say?” with #ShockMax, just like Sharma aunty eyes me when I get a guy in my building. 

Kangana has had her fair share of heartbreaks and the bitter endings have left stains on her soul, just like spilt tea leaves on a white tablecloth. That’s normal.

But coming out and talking about it openly is something Bollywood’s ‘Surviving Relationships 101’ journal doesn’t entertain. Like sure, it’s a good gossip fodder but definitely not worth discussing in interviews. Because the stars can’t afford that luxury even if they live in 10-bedrooms mansion.

This trait is disturbing for Bollywood members because it takes courage to embrace your life, however tattered it is. It takes spine to shout the truth from rooftops to a world where truth is conveniently metamorphosed into diplomacy (Hell, they’re good at this!)

Her stint in Bollywood can be safely described as ‘Arre mera toh itna life kharab ho gaya hai, itna life kharab ho gaya hai‘ to ‘I love phasion, phun and gun‘. 

With her slew of current interviews (be it Aap Ki Adalat, Rajeev Masand’s or Barkha Dutt’s), Kangana’s confessions must have made way into expensive dinners at Hakkasan, Bandra by simultaneously shaking the ‘soles’ of perfectly polished Gucci and Louboutins.

And while most of them didn’t poke the topic (yet), they must have imagined Kangana performing the Walk of Shame and predicted the demise of her career.

The thing is everyone deals with unfathomable pain in their own way and everyone is entitled to it sans judgement. Sometimes, it breaks you down to a million pieces. Once you resurrect after gathering those million pieces, you’re a completely new person.   

You feel so passive and dead during this process that if offered, you’d obediently devour a chewing gum scrapped off the floor without question. Yes, that’s the ‘beauty’ of heartbreaks, especially if you are a celebrity. Especially if you have been targetted by your ex publicly and if he says, “I’d rather date a Pope than Kangana”. A very stereotyped despair, but nevertheless, painful.

Surviving this storm is not everyone’s cup of tea, tbh. But when you do, you’re a fearless person. You can offer your bare pumping heart on the table without the fear of it being tossed. Hence the statement, “I feared Hrithik when I loved him, not anymore.”

Surviving becomes a habit then, which you can slip into your resume.

You see, when Bollywood was getting acquainted with tugging the bitter breakup memories of extra marital affairs inside the rug and sleeping over it, Kangana was busy fighting a different war – She vehemently denied joining this elite club which had the power to choke the truth and whose classes taught that talking about your issues is nothing but airing your dirty laundry in public.  

But why is talking perceived to be wrong?

Inside the high slit Valentino gowns, Gucci jackets, Prada and Steve Maden heels, there lies a person whose problems are as normal as a common man. And when did acknowledging your pain made you an attention-seeker just because the confession room was different? (For others, it was 3 AM meetings with friends, for Kangana it was her interview seat).

The least the Bollywood can do is offer her band aid than pass a judgement. If not, at least refrain from intimidating.

Because believe it or not, her honest interviews might have saved a small town girl from a suicide who blamed herself for her breakup, her regurgitations might have given a bullied girl strength to stand up and fight.

That it made Bollywood uncomfortable is the least of our concerns.

You see, Kangana did struggle a lot to feel her feet beneath the ground after the nightmare wrecked her. 

And nightmares can be bad, remember?

Source : BeingIndian