The Indian Army has always set the perfect example for strength, resilience, and tenacity. They’re revered for their sheer courage to put their lives in danger for the countrymen. Their stories swell our hearts with pride and their sacrifices leave a lump in our throats. There have been countless examples of the jawaans laying down their lives for the country; different men who share a similar patriotic streak.

Speaking about it, we came across one more brave heart who lost his life while saving the residents from Arunachal landslides

The IAF had organised a rescue operation in Arunachal Pradesh after the state was reeling under the calamity of landslides. The natural calamity proved lethal for Wing Commander Mandeep Singh Dhillon, who lost his life while saving the residents. 


The IAF officer had rescued 169 people in 5 rounds and as he was gearing up for the last round, the weather conditions aggravated beyond control near Sagalee village.  

Mandeep whiffed that the worsened situation wasn’t suitable for rescuing people and hence, took off without carrying anyone.

When he finally took off with Flight Lieutenant Singh, they lost contact with everyone as the helicopter had crashed.

Source : Being Indian